Trial / Non-Commerce version of Ultimate Editor Enhancer


If you are using a trial version of Ultimate Editor Enhancer, it is distributed based on Unity Asset Store EULA during the trial period and is commercially usable:

After the end of the trial period, the asset automatically switches to the non-commercial version, and if you use the asset in a commercial project, you must purchase the asset in Unity Asset Store, or remove it from your project.


You can use the non-commercial version of an asset in a project in the following cases:

- In the project for personal non-commercial purposes;

- In an open source project;

- When creating video content for public video services (such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), regardless of the presence of monetization on your channel;

- In a project created for the purposes of education or medicine.


In any other case, you must buy the asset from Unity Asset Store, start a trial period, or remove the asset from the project.




P.S. When the asset says that a new version is available, you can download the new version from this page.