Mass Update Assets


The Asset Store curation team is leaving for the holidays soon, and we sent updates for Online Maps, uContext Basic, uContext Pro, uPano, in which we fixed all the bugs found so as not to carry the old bugs into the new year.
These are the last updates for this year. The next updates will be released in mid-January.

Online Maps v3.7.8.1 changelog:
[Drawing API] Fixed application freezing at zoom - 23 when using Drawing API.
[Providers] Added National Map and Other / Waze.
[Tileset] Added the ability to set Displayed Elevation Resolution using the inspector.

uContext v2.1.2 changelog:
[Component Window] Fixed display of Terrain Editor component.
[Component Window] Fixed debugging components that don't support this.
[Context Menu] Fixed exception when component is missing.
[Context Menu] Fixed loading Favorite Window icon on some versions of Unity Editor.
[Core] Fixed rare exception in Scene View Manager.
[Create Browser] Optimized performance.
[JSON] Fixed parsing of the null string.
[JSON] Fixed deserialization of structs.
[Selection View States] Fixed display of the icon when a non-GameObject is selected.

uPano v2.2.1changelog:
[Renderers] Fixed exception when setting texture with Read / Write Enabled - OFF from the project.
[Wizard] After creating the panorama, the GameObject will be selected.