Real World Terrain v4.5


We released a new version of Real World Terrain asset with support for Huge Texture and the ability to generate Terrain Layers based on vector tiles.


[Buildings] When using Instantiate Prefab, a prefab is now created in the scene.
[Buildings] When using Instantiate Prefab, the positioning of prefabs on terrain is improved.
[Elevations] Fixed reading SRTM data. Cleaning elevation cache required.
[Heightmaps] Improved height generation.
[Inspectors] Added ability to quickly change Base Map Distance.
[Prefs] Improved saving of asset path.
[Providers] Added Sentinel-2.
[Rivers] Fixed request url when using dotNet v4.x.
[Textures] Added the ability to generate Terrain Layers based on vector tile data from Mapbox.
[Textures] Added ability to generate textures up to 26624x26624px for each terrain using Huge Texture.
[Textures] Added the ability to specify whether to use mipmaps for regular textures.
[Third-Party] Added integration with Huge Texture.
[Third-Party] Added integration with BuildR v3.
[Third-Party] Fixed integration with Gaia Pro.
[Unity] Removed support for Unity v5.6 - Unity 2017.3. Unity 2017.4 LTS is now required.
[Updated] Fixed URL for your orders in the Asset Store.
[Window] Added the ability to specify UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) coordinates for the corners of the area.