Real World Terrain

Terrain Generator For Unity

Real World Terrain is a tool for automatically creating high-quality terrains, meshes, Gaia stamps and RAW files based on real-world data with global coverage.
Incredibly fast and easy to use, and allows you to create high-quality terrains in a couple of clicks.
In addition, Real World Terrain can create buildings, roads, trees, grass, and rivers based on Open Street Map data.
Real World Terrain is incredibly powerful and flexible. It has a powerful Editor API to automate the generation of terrains, and Runtime API positioning objects by coordinates, etc.
Real World Terrain has integration with the best assets of the Asset Store, which gives almost unlimited possibilities in the generation of terrains.

• Render Pipelines: Standard RP, URP, HDRP.
• Elevation Heightmaps:
     - Bing Maps resolution of max 10 meter per pixel;
     - Mapbox;
     - SRTM v4.1 resolution of 90 meters per pixel;
     - SRTM30 resolution of 30 meters per pixel.
• Texture providers: ArcGIS, DigitalGlobe, Map Quest, Mapbox, Mapy.CZ, Nokia Maps (, Virtual Earth (Bing Maps), Open Street Map, Sentinel-2 + ability to download tiles from custom url.
• Satellite images resolution of max 0.25 meter per pixel.
• Can create: Unity Terrains, Meshes, Gaia stamps, RAW files.
• Can generate regular textures and Huge Texture (up to 26624x26624px) for each terrain.
• Can generate Terrain Layers based on Mapbox vector tile data.
• Can create objects based on Open Street Map:
    - Editable roads for EasyRoads3D Pro v3 and Road Architect;
    - Editable buildings for BuildR (editable) or built-in building engine;
    - Rivers as meshes or for R.A.M 2019;
    - Trees;
    - Grass.
• A tool to select area directly on Google Maps.
• A lot of extra tools for working with coordinates, objects and postprocessing.
• Unlimited number of generated terrains.
• Integration (optional): BuildR, EasyRoads3D Pro v3, Gaia 2, Gaia Pro, Huge Texture, Online Maps, Playmaker, R.A.M 2019, Relief Terrain Pack, Road Architect, Vegetation Studio, Vegetation Studio Pro, VolumeGrass, WorldStreamer.

Worried about the quality of the asset or are not sure that it is suitable for your project:
After the purchase, you have two weeks to test the asset.
If the asset is not suitable for your project, has any problems or you simply do not like it, contact us and we will make a refund.


WebGL Demos

Real World Terrain - Grand Canyon
Real World Terrain - Venice

Best Reviews

Great Service and POWERFUL System

This asset package is a powerful tool for generating Real-Life terrains in minutes, with lots of features and also compatible with other plugins.

The service is definately the best thing, every time I have had a question or even just wanted to add something specific that was not provided in the asset, the team have provided me with several tailored solutions.

Really appreciate the service and the tool!

This is a great asset

I can't say enough about this asset. It is quick (depending on what you render) and you can combine them to build truly remarkable and natural looking fantasy terrains (because they are! natural). The UI is intuitive (the helper is really wonderful). I can't say enough about this asset

Top Quality Asset and Support (still)

There are a few assets in the store that offer similar functionality (I own a couple), however, at the time of this review, no other asset offers as many options for imagery and use of OpenStreetMap data. I love the integration with BuildR. Don't have BuildR (yet), then RWT has builtin functionality to create simple buildings as prototypes. RWT will use OSM data to plot trees and grass. (Support for Volume Grass coming soon, based on my request.)  I have had several questions, and they were answered quickly. I've had some requests, and they were added within days. I also own EasyRoads3D, and was informed that when V3 is out, there will be integration with it to build roads. It also works great with Relief Terrain Pack (tested myself). I highly recommend this asset.

--update-- This asset continues to grow and impress. New features are always being added and integrations stay current. I definitely recomend this asset.

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