Real World Terrain v4.5.4


[Buildings] Buildings (walls and roof) are now generated in same mesh.
[Buildings] Added the ability to generate dynamic buildings that
are generated by the script and are not saved as a mesh,
which allows you to bypass the meshes import phase.
[Buildings] Fixed reading of building height from OSM when using dotNet v4.x.
[Buildings] Buildings no longer instantiate materials unless using the OSM color tag.
[Buildings] Fixed bug with infinite saving of buildings.
[Textures] Fixed a bug when Relief Terrain Pack textures were applied for texture types that do not support it.
[Textures] Fixed a bug causing endless downloading of tiles with a large texture size and a very small area.
[UI] For many fields, additional hints have been added to help you understand what this field does.
[UI] Added coverage and accuracy of elevation providers.
[UI] Added warning when using Elevation range - Real World Value.