Real World Terrain v4.5.7


We released a new version of the Real World Terrain asset, which greatly improved the built-in building generator.

[Buildings] Added the ability to specify at what height the built-in building should start.
[Buildings] Improved UI generation for built-in buildings.
[Buildings] Added the ability to make the bottom of a built-in building follow the current terrain instead of real world values.
[Buildings] Added the ability to combine all or selected built-in buildings into one mesh.
[Building Manager] Building Manager has been greatly improved.
[Inspector] Added the ability from Building Inspector to quickly switch to RWT Container.
[Elevations] Added the ability to generate underwater areas based on the water map.
[Elevations] Fixed generating underwater areas when using SRTM30.
[Roads] Improved intersection generation for EasuRoads3D.
[Roads] Intersections are now correctly oriented relative to the terrain.