Real World Terrain v4.6


Real World Terrain v4.6 has been released, which has integration with R.A.M 2019 and many other improvements.

[Buildings] Added the ability to generate colliders for BuildR.
[Buildings] BuildR buildings, all points of which are not on terrains are no longer generated.
[Buildings] Fixed exception when wall facade was not specified for BuildR.
[Buildings, Rivers] The progress is now cancelable.
[Elevations] Updated url for downloading SRTM 30 data.
[Inspectors] Fixed exception when RWT Container does not contain terrains.
[Rivers] Added the ability to generate rivers for R.A.M 2019.
[Rivers] The number of generated OSM tags has been expanded.
[Terrains] Added the ability to align terrains to the waterline.
[Terrain Layers] Added the ability to generate roads.
[Unity] Removed support for older versions of Unity Editor. Now requires Unity 2018.4 or higher.