Ulimate Editor Enhancer v3.0


We have released a new version of Ultimate Editor Enhancer (ex uContext Pro).

Important: Ultimate Editor Enhancer and uContext are not compatible, but are upgradable.
Follow the instructions of the Migration Tool to upgrade your asset quickly and without loss.


In addition to changing the name of the asset, there are a few more changes in the direction of the future development of the asset:

  1. This will not have a Basic version, because it did not show enough user interest, but made it very difficult to develop and maintain the asset. The uContext Basic version will be available in the Asset Store for a while, but will be removed in a few months.
  2. Future versions of the asset will be more focused on improving the editor itself rather than adding standalone features. There are already about two hundred big and small improvements in the plans, many of which will be implemented sooner or later.
  3. New versions of the asset will continue to be released every 4-6 weeks.




[Core] Unsafe methods are now made through Harmony.
[Core] IntersectRayMesh issue fixed.
[Enum Fields, Object Fields] Improvements to these fields are now made by the editor method patch.
[Frame Bounds] When used for objects containing a Rect Transform, 2D mode is automatically turned on, and turned off if the object does not contain this component.
[Group] When grouping by center, bounds are now used.
[Hierarchy Backgrounds] Backgrounds are no longer recursive by default.
[Inspector Bar] Added ability to open prefab.
[Nested Editor] Added ability to disable Nested Editor in Reorderable List.
[Nested Editor] Added the ability to disable Nested Editor for a field using DisallowNestedEditor attribute.
[New] Added Hierarchy - Filter By Type.
[New] Added quick item addition for Event Fields.
[Migration] Added utility for quick migration from uContext.
[Object Field Selector] Fixed window opening in prefab edit mode.
[Object Toolbar] Collapse/expand button moved to the left of the object name.
[Object Toolbar] Fixed styling when hovering over an object name.
[Recent Scenes] Scenes are no longer added to history in play mode.
[Rename] Spaces at the beginning and end of the name are now removed automatically.
[Settings] Added the ability to generate gitignore and collabignore files to exclude settings or the entire asset.
[Tree Drawer] Hidden tree lines when using Hierarchy Search.
[Unity] For Unity 2021.2 and above, the button to open Unity Search is hidden in the asset search bars.
[Unity] Removed support for Unity 2019.3-2019.4. Now requires Unity 2020.1 and higher.
[Unsafe] Added the ability to disable unsafe features using the UEENoUnsafe.txt file.
[View Gallery] Added preset view for UI.
[View Gallery] Fixed View State For Selection deletion bug.