Ultimate Editor Enhancer v3.1


We have released a new version of Ultimate Editor Enhancer with the ability to save components at runtime.



[Best Icon Drawer] Improved search for the best icons.

[Drag And Drop To Event Field] Fixed issue when multiple event fields.

[Duplicate Tool] Added the ability to optionally not hide temporary objects in the hierarchy.

[Examples] View States example scene scripts are included in assembly definitions.

[Flat Selector] Improved display of separators.

[Flat Selector] Improved keyboard interaction.

[Group] When grouping one object, added the ability to save the original position.

[Hierarchy Tree] Added the ability to color the tree based on the colors of built-in icons.

[Hierarchy Type Filter] Fixed a warning sometimes being shown when selecting a filter item.

[Maximize Game View] The first time the Game View is maximized by SHIFT + Space, it will be asked about the desired behavior.

[Menu] All menu items have been moved from Window to Tools.

[Nested Editor] Added the ability to choose the display side of Nested Editor button.

[New] Added the ability to draw custom items in the header of the component.

[New] Added the ability to save components at runtime.

[New] Added the ability to hide the preset button in the component header.

[New] Added the ability to hide empty help buttons in the component header.

[Quick Access Bar] Fixed issue with initializing Quick Access Bar items in a new project.

[Rename] Added the ability to specify the initial value of the counter for mass renaming.

[Rename] Keys in mass renaming are now case-insensitive.

[Search] Added search by Tools menu items.

[View Gallery] Improved display of elements with a very small window height.

[View Gallery] Fixed a bug due to which the cameras in the scene did not restore the settings when rendering the preview.

[Windows] Fixed autosize window closing.