Ultimate Editor Enhancer v3.10


We've released a new version of the popular Ultimate Editor Enhancer asset.
The new version comes packed with a range of new features that are sure to make game development easier and more efficient than ever before.

Ultimate Editor Enhancer - Search By Serialized Fields

One of the most significant new features in the latest version of Ultimate Editor Enhancer is the ability to search for serialized component fields.
This powerful new feature will save developers a great deal of time and effort by allowing them to quickly and easily locate the specific fields they need within a serialized component.


Ultimate Editor Enhancer - Component To JSON

Another key feature of the new version is the ability to copy, paste, export, and import components as JSON.
This new functionality will allow developers to easily move components between projects, as well as share them with other developers or with the wider Unity community.


Ultimate Editor Enhancer - Notes

Finally, the latest version of Ultimate Editor Enhancer also includes the ability to work with notes at runtime.
This new feature will allow developers to add or edit notes to GameObject during runtime, allowing you to save your thoughts on the fly.

[Bookmarks] Fixed exceptions when labels in the project are null.
[Bookmarks] Fixed deleting of non-existing bookmarks.
[Core] Improved serialization in JSON.
[Core] Changed the fuzzy search algorithm, increasing accuracy and performance in all the tools that use it.
[Hierarchy Components] Fixed too frequent refreshing of elements in Component Icon Drawer.
[Hierarchy Headers] Fixed bugs and optimized code in HeaderRule.
[Hierarchy Icons] Added five second texture cache for Best Icon Drawer.
[New] Added search by serialized component fields.
[New] Added ability to copy, paste, export and import component as JSON.
[New] Added the ability to select a LOD Group in a scene as a single entity.
[Notes] Added ability to work with notes at runtime.
[Notes] Made note height limitation.
[Settings] Added ability to disable all group features in settings.
[Settings] Added setting to disable Select Next Custom Tool and Toolbar.
[View Gallery] Fixed exceptions of View Gallery in play mode.