Ultimate Editor Enhancer v3.11


Ultimate Editor Enhancer - Custom Pivot Rotation Tool

The main new feature is the Custom Pivot Rotation Tool, which allows you to rotate GameObjects around a custom pivot, without changing the main pivot.


Ultimate Editor Enhancer - Note Manager

Note Manager has been added for easy management of notes in open scenes.


Ultimate Editor Enhancer - Stepper

When you need to play a scene step by step, you can use the Stepper instead of manually pressing the Step button.
This automatically takes steps at specified intervals.


[Component Header] Added a button to quickly add the component to bookmarks.
[Component Header] Added button for quick copy, paste, export and import component.
[Core] Fixed displaying CustomPropertyDrawer in the inspector without implemented OnGUI.
[Custom Tool Switcher] Holding down U for 0.5 second opens the tool selection menu.
[Drag And Drop To Event Field] The menu for selecting a method will now be displayed immediately after dragging.
[Hierarchy Icon Drawer] Fixed a rare exception where the best component has no texture.
[Hierarchy Notes] Clicking now opens the Note Manager.
[New] Added Custom Pivot Rotation tool.
[Notes] Added Note Manager which displays all notes in the scene.
[Post Header Items] Added a button to quickly add GameObject to bookmarks.
[Quick Access Bar] A button to open the Note Manager has been added.
[Smart Selection] Added the ability to quickly disable GameObject with a middle mouse button click, and to open the context menu with a right-click.
[Time Scale Window] Added a stepper that will switch to frame by frame after a specified time.