Ultimate Editor Enhancer v3.12


Ultimate Editor Enhancer - Play Audio Clip

In the Project window, hover over the line that contains Audio. A button will be displayed that allows you to preview audio without selecting it or opening it in a third-party application.


Ultimate Editor Enhancer - Hierarchy Sort By Name


When GameObjects have more than one child, click the "..." button and select "Sort By Name" to sort the children by name.

**Note:** If the GameObject name has numbers in it, they are sorted as numbers instead of a charcode. For example Box9 will be above Box10.


Ultimate Editor Enhancer - Collapse Child In Tree View

Out of the box, Unity Editor has two behaviors for collapsing Tree View elements:

  1. Left-clicking on the triangle collapses/expands the current element.
  2. ALT + left-clicking on the triangle collapses/expands the current element and child elements.

Ultimate Editor Enhancer adds new behavior:

Right-clicking on a triangle collapses child elements but not the current one.

This works for all Tree Views in the editor, including third-party assets.


Ultimate Editor Enhancer - Transform Align Distribute

When multiple GameObjects are selected, a block displays in Transform Editor to align and distribute GameObjects along the axes.


Full changelog:
[Component Header Items] The sorting of buttons has been improved.
[Component Header Items] Removed Align and Distribute item.
[Component To JSON] Undo support has been added.
[Component To JSON] Fixed serialization of arrays.
[Context Menu] Fixed the layout on multiple displays.
[Hierarchy] Improved display of bookmarks and component icons together.
[Hierarchy Component Icons] Added ability to hide regular components like Transform, Rect Transform, etc.
[Inspector Bar] Fixed exception when GameObject contains a component for which there is no editor.
[New] Added the ability to play AudioClips in Project window.
[New] Added ability to sort child GameObjects by name.
[New] Added ability to collapse all children but not itself for TreeView.
[New] Added Align and Distribute feature to Transform Editor.
[Pivot Tool] Added warning if user tries to change pivot for GameObject containing MeshRenderer.
[Project Folders] Added the ability to make the rule work only for the root folder or not recursively.
[Runtime Save Components] The ability to save a field now doesn't use unsafe features and is available for the Apple M1.
[Toolbar] Button styling has been improved.
[Unity] Fixed warnings for Unity 2023.1.