Ultimate Editor Enhancer v3.4


We have released a new version of Ultimate Editor Enhancer, with multiple header rules and field state saving.



[Component Window] Fixed the issue that objects were not marked dirty when enabling/disabling GameObject or component from a window.

[Core] Fixed issue with ExitGUIException.

[Custom Tool Switcher] When a tool is selected, Scene View will now display its name.

[Empty Inspector] Added new elements that can be called from the window.

[Empty Inspector] Added filter with Fuzzy Search support.

[Hierarchy Headers] Added support for multiple rules.

[Library] Updated Harmony.

[New] Added ability to align and distribute from component header.

[New] Bookmarks in the hierarchy.

[Recent Scenes] Added the ability to exit play mode when selecting a scene.

[Runtime Save Components] Changed the way of saving components.

[Runtime Save Components] Added the ability to save the value of a single field through the context menu of the field.

[Search] Improved display of the help button.

[Search] Added the ability to open settings.

[Settings] Added ability to disable all unsafe features at once.

[Smart Selection] Added GameObjects icons for Flat style.

[Switcher] Added support for Fullscreen Editor.

[Switcher] Added the ability to disable automatic switching to the maximized Game View in the settings when entering play mode.

[Ungroup] Now, when ungrouping, confirmation will be asked.

[Ungroup] Added the ability to unpack prefabs.