Ultimate Editor Enhancer v3.5


We have released a new version of the Ultimate Editor Enhancer which adds improvements to Curve Editor and the ability to expand long single-line text fields.


[Animator] Added the ability to frame-by-frame animation control.
[Empty Inspector] Help button added.
[Hierarchy Bookmark Button] Tooltip fixed.
[Hierarchy Headers] Now text transparency will be ignored.
[New] For Curve Editor, the ability to view and modify points as a list has been added.
[New] Added ability to frame all points for Curve Editor.
[New] Added the ability to expand single-line text fields, the contents of which do not fit in the field.
[Object Field Selector] Fixed work for Unity 2022.1+.
[Object Field Selector] Now you can select GameObjects.
[Quick Access Bar] Fixes users Quick Access Actions that are located not in an asset assembly.
[Recent Scenes] Added the ability to bookmark a scene.
[Smart Selector] Fixed highlighting objects in the scene with a flat style.
[Switcher] Fixes switching Scene View and Game View when there are undocked windows.
[Transform Editor Tool] For align and distribute, the axes now have a color hint.
[Unity] Added support for Unity 2022.2 beta.