Ultimate Editor Enhancer v3.7


We have released a new version of Ultimate Editor Enhancer with a new autosave feature.



[Bookmarks] Fixed exception in RowDrawer.

[Duplicate Tool] The preview is no longer hidden in the hierarchy, which fixes an editor bug where duplicates are not shown in the hierarchy after the tool is finished.

[Duplicate Tool] Added a limit on the number of duplicates created.

[Empty Inspector] Added the ability to customize elements.

[Empty Inspector] Added display of new version availability.

[Empty Inspector] Added the ability to open settings.

[Enum Field Search] Fixed the problem that the window was not displayed.

[Flatten Collection] Added DefaultExecutionOrder attribute.

[Hierarchy] Improved the order in which tools are applied.

[Hierarchy] Added a right margin that will apply to all icons to the right of GameObject name.

[Hierarchy Bookmark] Fixed overlay on Hierarchy Error icon.

[Hierarchy Header] Added styles when hovering and selecting a header.

[Highlighter] The problem of changing hotkeys has been fixed.

[Jump To Point] Changed alternate mode from SHIFT + SHIFT to ALT + RMB.

[New] Added autosave of the scene when entering playmode and by timer.

[OS] Unsafe features are now automatically disabled on Apple M1.

[Preview] On OSX, changed the default hotkey to CTRL+SHIFT+Q.

[Quick Access Bar] Added the ability to open scenes additively when pressing SHIFT + LMB.

[Quick Access Bar] Added autosave settings to the Save action.

[Quick Access Bar] Fixed icon display style.

[Quick Access Bar] Fixed Info window size.

[Scene View] Fixed scene jitter when moving on Apple M1.

[Scene View] Improved asset performance.

[Search] Settings button now opens search settings instead of general settings.

[Switcher] On OSX, changed the default hotkey to CTRL+SHIFT+TAB.

[View Gallery] Added the ability to hide Scene View state and UI state.

[Waila] Added the ability to detect UI elements.