Ultimate Editor Enhancer v3.8


We have released a new version of Ultimate Editor Enhancer with Notes and Quick Folder Creation.



[Autosave] Disabled autosave of Untitled scenes.

[Breadcrumbs, Context Menu Components, Hierarchy Enable] Added support for Undo when enabling and disabling GameObject.

[Core] Fixed window sizes when using UI Scaling.

[Core] Fixed ability to edit components when selecting multiple GameObjects.

[Create Browser] The preview area is now always visible.

[Duplicate Tool] Fixes Duplicate Tool when the size of one of the object's sides is zero.

[Hierarchy Enable] Added the ability to toggle the enable state of a GameObject when middle-clicking on a row.

[Long Text Editor] Now it's disabled for VisualScripting.

[New] Added the ability to create notes for GameObject.

[New] Added a button to quickly create folders in a project.

[Quick Access Bar] Now the tooltips of the items are shown to the right of the button.

[Quick Access Bar] Fixed drawing of collapsing line.

[Runtime Save Components] Added the ability to save components through the context menu of the component.

[Settings] Added setting for creating folders by shortcut.

[Settings] Added the ability to export and import Empty Inspector Items and Header Rules.

[Unity] Fixed warning on Unity 2022.2.

[View Gallery] Fixed constant redrawing of the window.

[Waila] Fixes Waila for multiple Scene Views.