Ultimate Editor Enhancer v3.9


In the world of game development, there is always a constant demand for tools that can enhance the productivity of developers. That's why game developers will be happy to know that Ultimate Editor Enhancer has released a new version with some exciting new features.

Ultimate Editor Enhancer, the popular asset for Unity, has announced the release of version 3.9 with new features that aim to streamline the game development workflow. The new version of the asset comes with several features that offer developers more control and flexibility.

Ultimate Editor Enhancer - Project Folder Icons

One of the major new features of Ultimate Editor Enhancer is the ability to color the folder icons based on rules. This feature makes it easier for developers to quickly identify different types of folders in their project, saving them time and effort.

Ultimate Editor Enhancer - Create Scripts

Another new feature is the ability to quickly create scripts and materials in the project window. This feature helps developers to create new scripts and materials in a more efficient manner, without having to navigate through multiple menus.

Ultimate Editor Enhancer - Move To Point

Perhaps the most exciting new feature, however, is the ability to move selected GameObjects to a point under the cursor by pressing the "C" key. This feature makes it incredibly easy to move objects precisely where they need to go, and it can be a real game-changer for developers who need to make quick adjustments to their game's environment.

Overall, the new version of Ultimate Editor Enhancer is a powerful tool that is sure to make game development even more efficient and enjoyable. With its new features and improved functionality, it is sure to become a must-have asset for Unity developers around the world.


[Collections] When a GameObject from a collection is selected in a scene, the entire collection will be selected first.
[Component Window, Row Enable] Added support for Undo.
[Context Menu] Added ability to breadcrumbs to select parents when multiple selections are made.
[Context Menu] Added ability to open GameObject in Properties window.
[Context Menu] Fixed an issue where some buttons wouldn't click.
[Duplicate Tool] Added the ability to create duplicates based on the rotation of the original object.
[Enum Field Search] The search box will not be used if at least one of the items contains a slash.
[Getting Started] Added ability to sort slides by version.
[Hierarchy Component Icons, Inspector Bar, Object Toolbar] Added ability to switch components on/off using the middle button.
[Hierarchy Component Icons] The style of the buttons has been changed.
[Inspector Bar] This is now also displayed in the Properties window if a GameObject is open there.
[New] Added the ability to quickly create scripts in the project window.
[New] Added the ability to quickly create materials in the project window.
[New] Added the ability to colour the folder icons based on rules.
[New] Added ability to move selected GameObjects to a point under the cursor by pressing C.
[Note] Added the ability to show notes in a hierarchy.
[Other] Added option to disable Object field Property Drawer using UEE_DISABLE_OBJECT_FIELD_DRAWER scripting define symbol.
[Pivot Tool] Fixed setting the pivot to the vertex.
[Project Create Folder] Added the option to select standard folder names when right-clicking.
[Runtime Save Components] Added option to automatically save the component when exiting Play Mode.
[Search] Fixed the caret position when opening a script search.
[View Gallery] Added option to set camera position from View State.