uPano v2.1


We have released a new version of uPano with support for directions and meta data for Google Street View.


[Actions] Fixed tooltip orientation for ShowTextMeshTooltip.
[API] The response from Google Street View now contains complete meta information.
[API] Request now can contain custom fields.
[Core] Added classes for working with JSON.
[Directions] Fixed destroying of instances of directions during cleanup.
[Directions] Fixed rare exception when Direction Manager items are not initialized.
[Downloader] Fixed downloading Yandex panoramas.
[Examples] Updated example scenes.
[Google Street View] Added the ability to progressively download panoramas.
[Google Street View] Added experimental ability to have directions to neighboring panoramas.
[Google Street View] Panoramas now have the right north pan.
[Plugins] Plugins are no longer automatically destroyed if there is no panorama.
[Plugins] Fixed unsubscribing from panorama events for UI Compass Control.
[Renderers] Fixed positioning of elements when north pan is not equal to zero.
[Unity] Removed support for Unity 2017.1-2017.3. uPano now supports Unity 2017.4 LTS and higher.