uPano v3.0


We have released a new version of the uPano asset with Hot Area and Extension features.



[Core] All input now goes through Input Manager class so that if needed you can intercept it and add support for the new input system.
[Core] Extension system has been implemented.
[Core] For downloading panoramas by url, loading is accelerated and memory usage is reduced.
[Downloader] All providers moved to exension. Download and import required provider to use this.
[Third-party] Google Street View moved to extension. Download and import Google Street View Service extension if you want to use this.
[Hot Areas] Added support for Hot Areas.
[Plugins] Added RawImage Touch Forwarder.
[Renderers] Fixed exception when trying to change texture in SingleTexturePanoRenderer.
[Tour Maker] Added support for undo.
[Transitions] Added Directional Warping Transition.
[Visual Interactive Element Editor] Added the ability to change North Pan.
[Updates] Fixed built-in update system.