Overview Real World Terrain

Version 3.0

Real World Terrain is a tool for creating terrains, based on real geographic data and objects based on Open Street Map.

Note for the update from RWT v2.x: Import to a new project, or first remove RWT v2.x.

• Supports Unity v4.6+ and Unity 5+.
• Elevation Heightmaps:
     - Bing Maps resolution of max 10 meter per pixel.
     - SRTM v4.1 resolution of 90 meters per pixel.
• Texture providers: Google Maps, ArcGIS, Map Quest, Nokia Maps (here.com), Virtual Earth (Bing Maps), Open Street Map + ability to download tiles from custom url.
• Satellite images resolution of max 0.25 meter per pixel.
• Can create: Unity Terrains, Meshes.
• Can create objects based on Open Street Map:
     - Editable roads for EasyRoads 3D v3.
     - Editable buildings for BuildR (editable) or built-in building engine.
    - Trees.
     - Grass.
• A tool to select area directly on Google Maps.
• A lot of extra tools for working with coordinates, objects and postprocessing.
• Unlimited number of generated terrains.
• Integration (optional): BuildR, EasyRoads 3D v3, Online Maps, Relief Terrain Pack, VolumeGrass, WorldStreamer.

Price: 90$