Overview Real World Terrain

Version 2.3

Real World Terrain - The component is designed for the automatic creation of Unity Terrains, Meshes and T4M objects, on the real elevation data of the globe. Use high precision data SRTM v4.1 accuracy of 3 arcseconds (90 meters), and a relative error of less than height of 6 meters. For each terrains created detailed texture, which you can see roads, rivers, houses.

You will have access almost the entire globe (latitude 60 to -60). Enough to indicate the position and choose the quality settings.

Together with the component Real World Terrain comes with a tool that allows you to select the desired area right on Google Maps.

The Real World Terrain can automatically generate a skeleton of the building, walls, rivers, trees and grass, using data «Open Street Map».

Creating a gaming terrains in Unity3D has never been easier.

Price: 60$


Webplayer demos