Project Context Actions

Speed up your work with Project window

Project Context Actions is a standalone free toolkit from Ultimate Editor Enhancer asset that speeds up work with the Project window by adding contextual actions based on item type.

Supports one-column and two-column layouts.

Context actions are displayed when you hover over a row or cell in the project that matches certain criteria.

List of actions:

  • Create Folder. When you hover over a folder in the Project, it shows a button to create a subfolder. Left-click to create a subfolder and manually enter a name. Right-click to select from the list of standard names;
  • Create Material. When you hover over the Materials folder in the Project, it shows a button to create a material. Click to create a material;
  • Create Material from Texture. When you hover over a texture in the Project, shows a button to create a material from the texture. Click to create a material with Standard shader and set the texture in Albedo;
  • Create Script. When hovering over the Scripts folder in the Project or its subfolder, it shows a button to create a script. Left-click to create a MonoBehaviour. Right-click to create a script from templates or Assembly Definition;
  • Create Custom Editor. Hover over the script that inherits MonoBehaviour to display a button to create a Custom Editor.
  • Play AudioClip. When you hover over AudioClip in the Project, it shows a button to play the audio. Click to play the audio. Press again to stop playback. Click on another audio to stop playback of the previous audio and start playback of the current audio.


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