Huge Texture
March 03, 2020
We are announcing Huge Texture, our new asset that allows you to import and use textures with more than 8192 pixels, without the extra draw calls, and performance loss.
uContext v1.10 - New Features
February 18, 2020
We published a video about the new features of uContext v1.10.
 uPano - Positioning Hot Spots by location
February 17, 2020
Interesting, Tips & Tricks, Tutorial
Example of how to convert locations to pan and tilt using uPano API.
Infinity Code Birthday
February 13, 2020
From February 13 to February 27, 2020, you can get the full version of uContext for free for use by any number of team members and any number of projects.
uContext v1.10
February 12, 2020
We have released a new version of the asset with the Selection History tool, and many other improvements.
Real World Terrain - Regeneration Automation
February 10, 2020
Interesting, Tips & Tricks, Tutorial
One of the amazing things that sets Real World Terrain apart from similar assets is the ability to automate the generation of terrains, textures, and objects.
What is uContext
February 06, 2020
In this video, I will tell you what uContext is and how this set of utilities will improve your workflow and simplify your work with content.
uPano v2.1
February 04, 2020
We have released a new version of uPano with support for directions and meta data for Google Street View.
Map Baseboards
January 08, 2020
Interesting, Tips & Tricks
Example of how to make baseboards for a map is published on the forum.