Release Play MovieTexture v1.1

We are constantly improving our product offerings. It is time to update the popular component Play MovieTexture to version «1.1».

All the improvements in this release are designed to make working with the component even easier and more comfortable, as well as provide a unique new programmers methods.

In the new version, in order to get in, start or stop any video, you need a single method. And you do not even need to add a component to GameObject and customize it.

Please see the list of changes you can on the product page.

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Added a tutorial "Work with atlas texture exported from Adobe Flash».

We begin a series of tutorials on the use of our products.

Too many specialists to create graphics and animations using the program Adobe Flash. The first lesson was an example of using texture atlases derived from the program Adobe Flash, the component «Texture sequence».

All examples, tutorials and API Reference can be found in the chapter "Documentation".

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Release Texture sequence v1.1

We released an update Texture sequence component to version 1.1.0. The new version has been greatly expanded the functional component and added numerous teams. For example, now only one team can add a component to load textures, set the parameters and start playing.

The main new feature in version is support for texture atlases made ​​such a popular program Adobe Flash.

Also adds the ability to change all the parameters on the play mode.

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Texture sequence Release

Good thing - video. Allows you to visually illustrate what a simple picture can not be explained ever. Add movement seemed forever frozen things.

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Play MovieTexture Release

Among Unity game development is often the case, this situation, you need to some sort of object to put the video. This in itself is not a problem, as Unity can import video formats.

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