Smart client «» for your site.


  • Automatically collects data of publisher and all assets.
  • Informs about new sales, charges, refundings, reviews and ratings.
  • Allows you to obtain detailed information for any period (last 7 days, week, month, year or any period).
  • Displays all events in a convenient way, to the nearest second.
  • Quickly check sale by Invoice Number.

You do not have your own website? Asset Store Informer can work on many free hosting. For example: 000webhost.

Table comparing features

Feature Unity Asset Store Asset Store Informer
Check the current sales for the month + +
Check sales for costom period   +
Sales chart   +
Expected sales, based on the previous months   +
View all user reviews for asset +1 +
View all user reviews for all assets
Notice that the new version has been accepted +2 +
Notification of sales   +
Notification of refundings and charges   +
Notification of ratings   +
Notification of user reviews   +
Verify Invoice Number + +

+1. On asset page in Unity Asset Store by default displays the most popular reviews. To see the latest reviews, you need to show all reviews.

+2. Unity Asset Store sometimes forgets to send a notification that a new version was accepted.

Preparing to install

Uploading files to the server

Unzip the application files to your server.

Note: for security reasons we do not recommend installing Asset Store Informer to the root of domain.

Use to install this application subdomain or folder.

If you are installing Asset Store Informer in the folder, you must open the file ".htaccess" in Notepad or another text editor and change the line:

RewriteBase /


RewriteBase /{Folder name}

For example, if you put the files in the folder "informer":

RewriteBase /informer

Creating a database

Asset Store Informer requires a MySQL database to work. The database can be created using the hosting control panel.

If you don't know how to create a database, contact your hosting for help.

During installation you will need the following:

  • Database server or hostname
  • Database name
  • Database username
  • Database password


Enter the path to Store Asset Informer in the browser address bar.

For example: Files Asset Store Informer are in the folder "root / informer", you need to enter the address "http://your-domain/informer".

Follow the installer instructions.

Video installation example Asset Store Informer on free hosting.

Setting Up Cron

After the installation is complete, add a new task in a CronTab your server:

*/1* * * * /usr/bin/php ~/path_to_asset_store_informer/update.php

What it means:

*/1* * * * - specifies that the task will run every minute.

/usr/bin/php - specifies that you want to run a php script.

~/path_to_asset_store_informer/update.php - the full path to the file update.php.

If your hosting does not allow the task to run every minute, you can specify a larger value of minutes.

To learn more about working with CronTab you can in the documentation of your hosting provider.


Asset Store Informer will send you e-mail to the specified mailbox when the events: sale, refunding, chargeback, review or rating.

Information can be:

  • Immediately. You will receive an alert immediately when the event occurs.
  • Summary per time. You will receive notification about all events that occurred during the specified period.

Note: if you do not receive e-mails, check your "Spam" folder. Possible mail server put them in there by mistake.

Using analytics

Video example of work with Analytics.

Publisher page

On the page of the publisher you can learn basic information about the publisher and summary information on events of all assets.

Page publisher consists of the following blocks:

  • Information about the publisher.
  • Selection block of time.
  • Sales charts.
  • Summary information about sales.
  • Events.

Reviews page

On the reviews page shows all user reviews for all assets or selected asset. Reviews are ordered by date. New reviews are displayed first.

For each review includes:

  • Creation date.
  • Title.
  • The author of the review. When pressed, you will open a page of the user, leave review in Unity Asset Store.
  • The text of the review.

Assets page

On the page of assets shows a list of all of the assets of the publisher.

For each asset you can see the following information:

  • Logo. When pressed, you will open the asset page.
  • Name. When pressed, you will open the asset page.
  • Category. When pressed, you will open the specified category in Unity Asset Store.
  • Rating.
  • The number of user reviews. When pressed, you will open all the reviews of this asset.
  • The description.

Asset page

Asset page identical page of the publisher, except that all the data displayed on the page apply to the current asset.

Verify Invoice Number

Select the Verify Invoice.

In the appeared window specify the number you want to check and click "Verify".

If the number exists, you will receive a message that States the name of asset, sale date and whether refunding.

If the number does not exist, you will receive the corresponding message.


To get to the settings page, click the appropriate button at the top of the page.

In the settings you can:

  • Change the type and frequency of information.
  • Address from which you will be sent a mail.
  • Address at which you will be sent a mail.
  • Update Invoice API key. This is necessary if you created a new API key to Unity Asset Store.
  • Change the password of the current user.

After changing the settings, press "Save settings".

Updating versions

Asset Store Informer automatically checks for new versions.

If updates are available, the application icon will appear.

Clicking on the specified icon, you can read the list of changes.

Clicking the "Update" button will update the Asset Store Informer to the latest version.

Updating is fully automated and does not require any action from the user. After installing the update, you can continue working with Asset Store Informer.