Component is designed to search and automatically start MovieTexture.



Select the menu item «Component / Infinity Code / Play MovieTexture», to add a component to the selected GameObject.

The parameter «Target» specify where the component should search video:

  • GameObject. As the target for the component will automatically select the current GameObject, determine whether he GUITexture or Renderer components, and selected all MovieTextures, added used in the corresponding component. If not found any GUITexture, or Renderer, then the component will display a warning.
  • Scene. As the target for the component you have selected all videos that are in the scene.

The parameter «Textures» you can choose MovieTexture, which will operate the component.

Choose how to run MovieTexture:

  • Automatically, in the transition to playMode.
  • Automatically, in the transition to playMode, delayed start playing.
  • Manually, using the start button or code.

If necessary, select the option «Loop».


Redefining the component

There are times when you need to run on a different MovieTexture GameObject. To do this, select the property to GameObject «Target Object». If you change the target, all settings are automatically determined.



All instances of the video will always start at the same time, no matter where they are attached. This is not the fault of the component, and the peculiarity of Unity.

To import video into Unity requires PRO license.